The Hoberg & Driesch group congratulates Ulrich Pickartz to his anniversary

Who can say of oneself to have serviced five companies without ever having left the enterprise.

The managing director of our logistics GmbH, Ulrich Pickartz, celebrated his 45th work anniversary on August 1st, 2020.

Mr. Pickartz started his appreticeship at Blass GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Babcock located in Oberhausen, on August 1st, 1975.

After successful completion of his apprenticeship he was employed in the metalware sales department, moving on to the tube section in Duisburg in the year 1994, re-locating to Voerde in 1995.

Through acquisition of the Babcock trading arm Mr. Pickartz became an employee of Stinnes Rohrunion in 1998, initially as general manager and, in the year 2000, as managing director.

In 2004 Stinnes Rohrunion merged into Knauf Interfer subsequently trading as Interfer Rohrunion. There Mr. Pickartz acted as managing director for 13 years before the Hoberg & Driesch group took over all pipe & tube activities of Knauf Interfer.

Since that merger in 2017 Mr. Pickartz is acting as managing director of the Hoberg & Driesch Logistik GmbH.

Without doubt this will be his position until his retirement.

Hoberg & Driesch want to thank Mr. Pickartz for his outstanding engagement and wish him all the best for the forthcoming years.