Precision steel tubes

Welded, cold-finished precision steel tubes

Within the large group of steel tubes, precision steel tubes occupy a special position. It is based on the characteristics of these tubes, where the advantages of precision steel tubes are the result of cold forming by drawing or rolling. The resulting consolidation can be used selectively and can be reached e.g. increased hardness values that can only be achieved by heat treatment at hot-rolled tubes

The applications and capabilities are variegated and range from use in mechanical engineering and plant construction, automotive, constructive and media-leading applications up to hydraulic and pneumatic systems. As one of the leading stock holders in Europe in this product range, we offer a broad product range of seamless cold finished precision steel tubes of Western European manufacturing plants.

  • nside and outside diameters of high dimensional accuracy
  • Ready-to-install surface for HPS and HPSR tubes
  • defined mechanical properties, e.g. increased strength, good weldability
  • good surface condition


Outer diameter
8 to 210 mm
Wall thickness
1 to 10 mm

Material and condition of delivery

EN 10305-2
Delivery condition: +C and +N
EN 10305-3
Delivery condition: CR1, + CR2, +N

Certifications and admissions

  • WZ 2.2 according to EN 10204
  • with MTC 3.1 according to EN 10204